In 1982, when he entered the Fine Arts University of UFRJ, Gilson Martins bought a backpack to carry his art material. After a continuous piecing sequence of patches on it, Gilson decided to put into practice the knowledge he acquired at home with his father, who worked with house decoration and upholstering and with his mother, who was a seamstress. He dismounted his old backpack, copied the mold and recreated it using an unusual and resistant material: beach chair canvas.
That was the beginning of the successful career of the designer whose first creation sparked interest and so he began selling his handbags and backpacks to his college teachers and classmates. In 1982, Gilson Martins started a little business: G.Blues. That´s when he became a bag supplier for the best stores in Rio: Company, Shop 126, Fabricatto, Cantão, Anonimato and Salinas are among some of the examples of brands that sold his creations and helped him build his name in the fashion market.
But it was in 1990 that his work started going beyond fashion. In a trip to Rome, doing some sketches on paper, he was approached by Sheila Lerner, and art exhibit curator in São Paulo, who encouraged him to turn his bags into works of art. That´s when the Sculpture-Bags were born, back in 1993. They were to be his very first famous work.